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FAR UVC (222nm)

What is FAR UVC?

FAR UVC lighting is an autonomous and continuous disinfection system for occupied spaces. Traditionally, workers are required to manually wipe down surfaces, leaving room for missed areas and the inability to sanitise against airborne pathogens. FAR UVC is a non-invasive sterilisation solution for public areas that eliminate both surface and airborne bacteria.

FAR UVC eradicates bacteria without any adverse effects on humans. Using 222nm wavelength, this new type of UVC light provides effective sterilization without ever penetrating human skin or eyes.

No consumables, no refills, no fuss. FAR UVC is a long-term and cost-effective solution for retail outlets, businesses, and public spaces. Our products are continuous, self-contained disinfectants that are simple to use and environmentally friendly.


Our Range of FAR UVC Products


“Our Ceiling/pendant mount is perfect for large, 150w, or small, 20w ,Retail, Hospitality, Hospitals , Airports. Or any venue that has standard or high ceilings. Simply attach steel cables to change it into a pendant fitting that is height adjustable for maximum sanitation”

150 W wall ceiling mount Mount Unit 1

150w Wall Mount Luminare

Aluminium and steel housing 650mm x 85mm x 322m
Motion sensor
Sanitises in 9 minutes
at 2500mm distance Covers 54sqm

150w Pendant

150w Ceiling/ Pendant Mount Luminare

1090mm x 158mm x 85mm
Aluminium and steel housing
Motion Sensor
Sanitises in 5 minutes at 2500mm distance covers 60sqm.
Sanitises in 9 minutes at 2500mm from infection zone.


Hand sanitation

“Perfect for public spaces. Used to replace
wet hand sanitation integrated with or without a thermo reader”

2000mm x 600mm x 600mm
150w Lamp
Branding available, Timer
Sanitises in 5 seconds.
Portable device new 2

Portable Sanitation

“A great product for the hospitality and conference industry where once off, or during occupation sanitation is needed. Place the light in the occupied area during cleaning or meetings and remove when done”

200mm x 200mm x 500mm
150 W
3.6 kg
Sanitises  in  6 – 10  minutes  depending  on distance  from  contamination.

Sanitation Gateway
“For use in any access space to ensure sanitation on entry”

2500mm x 1600mm x 800mm
7 x 150w Lamps
Motion sensor
Time controlled
6 second sanitation time


We are approved distributors and installers of FAR UVC Africa’s FAR UVC Sanitation devices.
Please contact us to arrange a short presentation on the products and their efficacy.