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UVCbot is a portable area sterilisation machine which uses only electricity and leaves no residue.

As UVC light can also cause harm to humans (see FAQ below) we’ve built in special safety measures to prevent accidental exposure. The UVCBot will not turn on its Germicidal UVC until it detects no humans in the area, and it will turn off the UVC if anyone enters the area during its operation and so ensuring that only the intended target – Germs and Viri are killed.

As there are no harmful chemicals or residues deposited by the operation of the UVCBot, large areas can be sterilised and returned to production in a short time. ready for impact in a short space of time.


Q: I heard UV Light causes skin cancer/cataracts etc
A: UVC Light is harmful to humans. The UVCBot will not operate if there are humans in close proximity to it.

Q: How does one conduct an area/surface sterilisation with UVCBot
A: Ensure the area is not occupied. Connect to the UVCBot via Bluetooth/Wifi to set the required UVC “dosage” time. Leave the area, the UVCBot will commence its work and turn off when its done.

NB: Ensure that the room is well ventilated for approx 10mins after sterilisation. Inactivated micro-organisms in the air may cause some minor irritation.

Q: Has it been tested/validated? How do we know if it works?
A: Validation is pending. UVCBot uses light sources from reputable companies who have tested the effect on various microorganisms. A list is available on request.

Q: Does it kill Corona Virus/COVID?
A: Studies have shown that UVCBot inactivates all types of Viri and Bacteria if properly used.

Q: How do i get one?
A: We are presently manufacturing our first batch and are accepting pre-orders, Fill in the form below or email [email protected]

Manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa

UVSure provides COVID-19 disinfection services, either after an infection, or to prepare commercial spaces for occupation. Since we do not use any harmful chemicals, we can disinfect your premises with minimal disruption to your operations.